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Web Services

Web services

Web services allow different systems integration and applications compatibility.

These features give your company the ability to join your system to our booking service without losing independence. In this way different platforms are compatible and the communication faster and easier.

White Label

White Label

White label is the front end of your website which presents the content of our system.

You can keep your website layout and our booking system will be integrated in the main content area without lost of your company's identity. The advantage of having a white label is that the users always attribute the content to your company and you do not have the hassle to make daily updates!



A widget is a feature that is embedded into websites. You can have your information and get our booking widget to complete your website.

Our widget can be inserted in your website giving users the ability to book golf through us. Users can navigate on your website and book golf without leaving it.



The Booking form gives you an alternative way to book golf on-line.

To book golf into our system you just have to fill in our booking form!

If you do not have any booking system this is your solution.

About us

Founded on the dawn of 2010, Golf Checkin Limited was built for speed. The speed that your company needs to provide a fast, secure and efficient service; with simple and user friendly tools that would provide Golf Tour Operators to gain in valuable aspects such as the chance to increase their offer of golf courses and reduce their response time.

Your company can now use a unique supplier for golf in Portugal and Spain at extremely competitive rates. With Golf Checkin Limited as a partner the days of the handling fees are gone and you know how this is important to enable your business to be more competitive than never before. It is not a magic formula; it is keeping pace with today’s customer demand for a faster and efficient service for the lowest price.

The greatest asset of Golf Checkin Limited is the expertise and experience of its team, reachable seven days a week and with more than 15 years on the golf business Carlos Ramos and Jorge Moreira are well versed in handling all your clients’ needs. Their goal is to differentiate from other competitors by offering unprecedented quality customer service and instill to your customers great confidence in your business.

Carlos Ramos Golf Check-in

Carlos Ramos

Jorge Moreira Golf Check-in

Jorge Moreira


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